Welcome to Ginger Black, where we let the data do the talking. Watch the video below to see how we can help your business grow.

Watch the video below to see how we can help your business grow.

Why us?

At Ginger Black we help you see your business, your marketplace, and your industry from a new and exciting perspective, through the prism of data.

Whereas traditional data consultancies would stop there, leaving you with outcomes, analytics, and no strategy to act; we see our recommendations through, parachuting in highly-experienced teams that can not only formulate a strategy to achieve your business goals but deliver them too. Elevate your expectation of working with a data consultancy. We are Ginger Black.

Ginger Black Prices Start from £2500

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Our Pillars:

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Our team of experienced analysts empowered by our unique algorithms and IP, allow for an insight into your business data unlike any you have experienced before. Whether it is sales and marketing data, customer data, operations, or finance, all data tells a story and our consultants act as translators; delivering effective evaluations, strategic recommendations and a clear path to achieving your business goals.


With the Ginger Black data bureau, millions of individual records are at your fingertips. From contact details to buying habits, brand loyalties to household incomes. The Ginger Black data bureau combines multiple high-volume sources such as government data, research surveys, open data, and more, to allow for effective insight, analysis, and targeting.


Our in-house technical team will provide the necessary knowledge and skill to develop the technical systems you need to collate, analyse, or combine your data. Our specialists can share years of experience in the design and build of data warehousing, the bespoke development of systems, software, and so much more.