From business intelligence to optimising operations, from getting the most out of your existing customers, to attracting new ones, Ginger Black can help your business drive efficiencies  and grow to new heights.

Understanding where your business has been, where it currently is and where it wants and needs to go is a key element to success, we help our customers understand each of these factors and then drive forward.

With a huge array of services on offer its tricky to pigeon hole us. Instead a list of common questions below each clicks through to a case study of how we can help your business. Get in touch today to find out more.

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Analytical Journey of the past, present and future

Through utilising customer segmentation and data analysis, we help you to understand what the future looks like; where your business is going and how customer behaviour is influencing its trajectory

Common questions we are asked…

If I carry on doing what I am doing, will my business grow?

We retrospectively analyse historic customer data to identify and highlight growth/decline/anomalies/successes in order to identify your growth potential.

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How are sales currently performing against budget?

Utilising multiple variables, and ensuring the removal of anomalies, we are able to provide an accurate trajectory forecast for the business.

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Who is my customer?

We go beyond the normal profiling by building a narrative around your customer behaviour, by looking at the way in which they interact with your brand and your competitors.

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Who are my most profitable customers?

We go beyond RFM and use over unique 200 ingredients to rank your customers from best to the low spenders. We then apply personality profiling to differentiate groups of customers so that you can tailor your marketing activity appropriately.

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How do my customers acquired from different marketing channels behave and which is the best channel?

We are able to give a lifetime value based not only on the purchasing channel, but also identify the relationship to other channels.

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Who are my best customers and how were they recruited?

Utilising customer insights to maximise the recruitment strategy and differentiating between your customer file and best customer segments.

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Where are my customers?

We are able to provide vital insight into customer penetration, opportunity and ultimately helps to advise where you should be targeting marketing activity.

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What is truly driving my response?

Everybody wants to know how their marketing campaign has performed, we give you the true facts.

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What is the correct Attribution of Sales?

We look to ensure sales are correctly appointed to the appropriate channels to be more precise in ROI calculations and drive future marketing strategy.

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What is the optimum frequency of contact for different segments of my database?

At what point do you lose sales based on the amount of communication you have with your customers?

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How do I improve the mailing file selections?

We will calculate how different customers are performing based on your marketing selections; which segments are bringing in the profit, which ones are bringing the campaign performance down and who should you replace them with in order to bring your overall campaign performance up.

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How do I improve customer response from cold mailings?

We will investigate the relationship between number of times mailed and customer response.

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How can I maximise New Customer Recruitment?

We give a snapshot of new customer recruitment and their journey.

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How does my dispatch time effect future orders?

We aim to demonstrate the relationship between your operations/production timings and future revenue.

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How can I predict what customers are going to buy?

We help you to understand the relationship between range availability and customer purchasing behaviour.

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How can I tell instantly the order status of goods at the warehouse?

We provide a full dashboard giving real-time detail on back orders, live orders and drop shipment goods.

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How can I ensure the warehouse is working efficiently?

We are able to provide the most time-efficient map for picking goods.

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How can I ensure the call centre is efficient?

We are able to produce an hour-by-hour breakdown showing the number of staff that are required on each day of the campaign being live.

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How can I predict cashflow for my business?

We are able to provide an accurate cashflow model day by day, showing full details of all monies in and out, enabling you to be confident when making decisions.

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How will my cashflow be affected by offering credit to my customers?

Payment incentives will influence sales, however this will also have an affect on cashflow which can be a tricky balancing act for many businesses to manage.

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How do I ensure marketing permissions have not changed?

We work to flag any anomalies which may reduce your ability to successfully interactive with your customers.

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How do I apply all of the information into a strategy?

Let us run your planning for you and reap the benefits of our insight.

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