Data Enrichment

Gleaning a better understanding of your customer has never been more important. Using up to the minute, GDPR compliant data, our suite of data enrichment services, allows your business access to actionable insights that delve deeper than ever. Promoting efficiency and growth, the enriched customer information can be cleansed, updated and appended with a host of different variables.

Our service can also be used to study the nuances within your customer file and deliver more accurately, chosen prospective customers that have a greater propensity to become regular, fruitful and profitable additions. Our expert data scientists are on hand to guide you through any queries you may have, and deliver bespoke solutions for your business.

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How does a 360 view of your customer base sound?

Understanding how your customer transacts with you is one thing, but overlaying a view of how they’re behaving elsewhere is an invaluable insight that can generate additional demand, and enable an informed search for lookalike prospects

Data Enrichment areas we specialise in:

Ginger Black Analytics Available Directories

As we are not restricted to one data set, we can provide you with data that best suits your business. Fully GDPR compliant and with 100% penetration of market, we can find the people with the highest propensity to buy from you. We can also cleanse your own database to ensure you are only contacting people you should, without losing money on wasted mail. Our list of variables/selections is extensive, so you can be assured that we are doing all we can to make your marketing campaigns a success.

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Geographical Analysis

Where are your customers based and are there any highly densely populated areas? Where are the look a likes to your best customers located and what is your potential in that area? How far do people travel to your stores? What is the optimum distance from store to purchase? Let us answer these questions for you and then provide you with the best prospects to target.

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Customer Tagging Opportunities

What do you know about your customers? Typically a business will know contact details and transactional behaviour. We can overlay your customer file with additional variables such as transactions with competitors, browsing behaviour with you and other brands, income, property type and newspaper readership to name a few. You can use these variables alongside your own RFM segmentation to enable you to target better prospects, as well as suppress less responsive names.

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Tagging - for valuable insight into how your customers are behaving elsewhere

Enrich the insights you have for your customers using data tags. Utilise customer behaviour in your propensity model to increase response and reduce wastage.

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The Real Cost of Auditing your Mailing File

How often should you be cleaning your database to ensure compliance, reduce wastage and save costs? Let us investigate this on your behalf to ensure you are not spending more than you need to. We can run an audit on your data file against our suppression files, to give you a complete overview on the health of your database.

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Bespoke Data Modelling

For speciality/niche markets, we can create a truly bespoke model which will create pockets of data at each variable level. This can also be used for high volume mailers as we can test each “pocket” to identify ROI at each level. This insight can then be replicated for housefile mailings, as the findings will give us strong indicators for repeat purchases.

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Postcode Targeted Mailing

Our objective is to identify streets which have the highest concentration of these people and then lower your costs by utilising Postal Discounts in order to do this.

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