What is truly driving my response?

Everybody wants to know how their marketing campaign has performed, we give you the true facts.

Direct Mail has a high cost commitment for post, print and fulfilment. It is therefore vital to identify what is the main driver for customers to make a purchase – ensuring that you reduce waste and increase efficiency for mailings.

Matchback – Who responded from those who were sent a mailing, irrespective if the code was captured at the point of order.

Attribution – What influence did other marketing activity have on the sale and how much of the sale income belongs to one channel over another.

True Variable Costs – Use specific costs such as carriage to calculate campaign profit. Example: Generally your carriage cost may be £5 per order, but this campaign drove sales of smaller items which reduced the carriage cost.

Segment of Customers – Compare results against like-like customers of historic campaigns.

Additional Income – Incorporate upsells as part of the campaign analysis.

Model performance – Model out different scenarios based on results (what if).

Assess tests – Truly understand the impact of promotional & creative tests between one customer segment and another.