Who are my most profitable customers?

We go beyond RFM and use over unique 200 ingredients to rank your customers from best to the low spenders. We then apply personality profiling to differentiate groups of customers so that you can tailor your marketing activity appropriately.

By taking your customer database and modelling it out, we are able to identify key areas within the list of customers that you have. As well as segmentation into categories of similar personality type, we are also able to identify disengaged customers that are loss-making. These customers can be segmented and marketed to in a more efficient manner.

Propensity Modelling is key in enabling your marketing messages speak to the right customer in the right way. By understanding fully who you are talking to, you can tailor the creative/editorial messages and promotions with more insight and with a higher chance of success for your specific campaign.

Your database is constantly changing, the traffic light scoring system enables you to see at a glance the best and worst performing segments of your house file. You would then have the opportunity to suppress “Red” names from your mailing and identify how to increase the orange/yellow cells to green.

The savings made by not mailing red cells (can be as much as £400,000 once all marketing costs are factored in) can be directed to other marketing plans